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ZTE releases Blue Pillar Smart Streetlamp solution

14 March 2016, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today launched its comprehensive BluePillar solution. An integrated streetlamp, charging pillar, base transceiver station (BTS) and smart city information solution, BluePillar enables a traditional streetlamp pillar to double as a 4G/5G BTS, or a charging point for electric vehicles. The solution can also collect local data on weather, environment, transportation and security while its large outdoor LED screen can be used to display information and advertising.


The BluePillar solution consists of ZTE’s BlueBox charging pillar, 4G iMacro base station, intelligent controller and intelligent streetlamp, all fully integrated into one product. It makes full use of a streetlamp pillar and integrates seamlessly into the surrounding environment, which could not only solve the difficulty in siting 4G networks, but also assure Wi-Fi construction, environment monitoring, security management and data collection in hotspots. It also offers direct outdoor advertising opportunities, as well as the display of municipal information and other value-added services at the same time. This solution could reduce the unit cost and promote the business density of each site, which could help operators acquire sites whilst saving land, electricity and other resources. Local governments, operators, everyday citizens and electric car owners all stand to benefit from this solution. For example operators could expand their business scope, and make the transition from traditional telecoms operation to the comprehensive operation of data services in cities.


The innovative integration of the solution, including the BTS, streetlamp and charging pillar, coupled with its ability to charge electric vehicles makes this a convenient solution for telecoms tower companies. ZTE’s BluePillar solution could solve the challenges of Internet access on roads and in communities, as well as making streetlamps intelligently connected via information exchanged through its BTS.


“The BluePillar lighting solution brings a new operation-model,” said Yanmin Bo, Vice CEO of ZTE Corporation. “It forms many links in the industrial chain including government, committee sites, councils, operators, equipment firms and service providers, resulting in smarter collaboration and increased productivity. It provides an opportunity for operators to expand into new markets. We are expecting that this innovative solution, and the new business model which comes with it, will bring our customers more value.”


Wanheng Cui, ZTE’s General Manager of Energy Products also said: “The development of electric vehicles and Mobile Internet is an opportunity, but also a challenge for operators. The BluePillar solution is designed to help operators expand their businesses. We believe that ZTE’s integrated solutions possess the ability to help our customers create value through innovation, as well as operation diversification.”