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Triple win for ZTE at Global Cloud Computing Open Source Summit

China – ZTE Corporation , a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that the Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR) awarded ZTE with three OSCAR Open Source Technology Innovation trophies at the Global Cloud Computing Open Source Summit, Beijing. ZTE was recognised for its virtualisation platform, Tulip Elastic Cloud System (TECS); automated installation and deployment tool, daisycloud-core; and software-defined networking (SDN) controller platform, OSCP.                            

ZTE TECS is a cloud management platform based on the mainstream open source project, OpenStack. Its advanced performance, availability, reliability and ability to meet the needs of IT and CT users means it is widely used in the telecoms, education, healthcare, finance and government sectors, amongst others.

ZTE daisycloud-core is ZTE's automated installation and deployment tool for virtualised scenarios. The deployment of OpenStack and open platform for network function virtualisation (OPNFV) scenarios is very complex. However, with innovations in many aspects such as interface/version management and automated expansion, ZTE daisycloud-core makes installation and deployment more automated and efficient, allowing large-scale cluster upgrade and expansion.

ZTE OSCP is based on the most popular SDN open source project, OpenDaylight, and has been enhanced in many aspects including performance, reliability, scalability, ease-of-use, openness and standardisation. ZTE OSCP has been incorporated to a number of SDN controller products and has been tested and commercially used by many operators, enterprises and schools around the world.

ZTE is engaged in the construction of the NFV/SDN open ecosystem and is a main contributor to open source communities such as OpenStack, OPNFV and CEPH. It has become a platinum member of OPNFV and ONAP and a gold member of OpenStack. In  future, ZTE will actively contribute to open source projects and commercial launches and promote the maturity of open source technology with its partners, to create an open and win-win industrial ecosphere.