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         1480578503.jpgShenzhen Evershen Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in EPON, GPON system triple play weak power program providers, as well as audio and video transmission equipment, industrial transmission equipment and other optical transmission equipment, technology development, technical services, production and sales of high-tech enterprise. Over the years EVERSHEN with their own continuous innovation and accumulation of industrial development and accurate grasp of the direction, access to high-speed development, security and optical communications industry has achieved a certain position and recognition. EVERSHEN focus on product and technology innovation, research and development on a lot of manpower and material resources, so far, the annual R & D investment accounted for more than 15% of the company's annual output value.

        EVERSHEN series of products using advanced design concepts to high-end technology as the core, from the EPON system, high-definition Guangduan Ji, multi-service Guangduan Ji, fiber optic transceivers, industrial switches have been introduced, making EVERSHEN accumulated from the audio and video communications, optical transmission network To the access network and many other industry-leading technology. At the same time the company pay special attention to the rational use of external resources and the coordinated development of production and research, so that sustainable development has become the company's power source.

         Evershen brand products have passed FCC, CE, UL, ROHS certification and the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Information Industry, Technical Supervision of the product testing and certification. The products have been sold to the government, banks, highways, telecommunications, real estate, social security, industrial and mining enterprises, military and other industries; and products are sold to Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia and other global more than 20 countries and regions, , Wuhan, Nanning, Shenyang and other cities with their own offices or branches. EVERSHEN has become China's video surveillance, fiber optic network access equipment and integrated access solutions for major suppliers.

        Looking back through the process, in the light of the surging wave of the communications industry, the wind and rain, by a leaf boat constantly growing. EVERSHEN always adhere to the "advanced technology as the support, to provide customers with quality products and integrity of services; attention to customer needs for customers to create value" business philosophy. In the dedication to customer service at the same time, and constantly improve and develop their own technical level and service quality. From the system reliability, feasibility, pre-sales support and after-sales service, training and maintenance and other links committed to providing users with the best solution and dedication to provide customers with premium services.