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After-sales service after-sales service:

1. When you purchase EVERSHEN technology products, EVERSHEN Technology Service Department will provide you with detailed product introduction, equipment instructions, common fault maintenance and other professional training. And you regularly return visit, and to understand the operation of EVERSHEN technology products, to collect your views on EVERSHEN technology products.


2. For any technical problems that arise during your use, EVERSHEN Technology & Technology Services is committed to providing fast and thoughtful technical service support. You can technical support online customer service, etc. Contact us, EVERSHEN Technology promised to receive the demand within 8 hours after a quick reply.

3. EVERSHEN technology maintenance department from the date of receipt of maintenance works, will be completed within 7 working days maintenance. For maintenance of more than 10Pcs, will be completed within one month of maintenance. If you can not complete the repair due to special reasons, EVERSHEN Technology Service Department will report to you in writing.

Special statement:

1. EVERSHEN technology companies are not responsible for home repair service products.

2. EVERSHEN technology products in the manufacture, sale, supply and use of the responsibility, only the product itself, EVERSHEN Technology does not bear the responsibility beyond the value of the product.

3. The above pledges apply only to products sold by EVERSHEN Technology in the Chinese mainland.

4. If the product is agreed upon at the time of sale, the terms of service or contract shall be agreed upon.

5. Dealers, agents to you made in addition to EVERSHEN technology to ensure that other commitments, please request a written proof at the time of purchase so that your additional commitment to cash. In this regard, I Division does not bear beyond the constant technical products within the scope of after-sales service responsibilities.


Product repair process

Contact information

In order to better provide customers with product maintenance services, the company set up a special product maintenance department, and directly accept the customer sent back to the repair products.